This will be my last garden post for the season but first lets talk about how to look after your garden over the summer. I have four basic topics I would like to discuss – watering, deadheading, fertilizing and the dreaded weeding.


As a general rule one inch of natural rain water per week is sufficient to grow a healthy garden. I often check the soil by digging a whole six inches deep, if the soil is not moist it is time to water.
Gardeners will tell you to avoid overhead watering because wet foliage is more prone to disease. I know I shouldn’t but I use a sprinkler because it gives me a chance to multitask or just relax.


Along with weeding weekly you should also deadhead, remove the wilted flowers to encourage maximum blooms and healthy plants. Once the bloom is finished a plant begins to grow seeds taking a lot of energy from the stem and root system. By pruning the dead flower, energy is redirected to the plant.


Typically I only fertilize if my plants need an extra boost. In the past I have used fertilizer spikes, fertilizer applied with a garden hose or a compost mix. Check your local garden centre for options and follow the directions on the package. If you choose compost, circle the plant with the mixture. Try to stay 6 inches from the plant and water after to prevent burning of the leaves and roots.


Weeding the garden is a must to maintain a beautiful and healthy garden. I find the more often I weed the less of a chore it is. Remove the young weeds before the weed becomes established and robs moisture and nutrients from plants.
Gardening can be relaxing and rewarding. Enjoy 😎.